Seaside complex  

Beach complex

The sea gives specific charm to the town. All persons interested could take pleasure in rest at sandy beach. Well-groomed beach with recreation area is equal to 4 hectare.

Footbridge connecting the town with the beach is erected above Saliyan highway for safety and comfort of dwellers.

Beach complex “«Shikhov» - is of the bests in the town. Beach with recreation area, beach chairs, bar, and Aqua Park will provide unforgettable rest for the guests.

Minibuses will run between Grand-park «Shikhov» and SOCAR in specified time for comfort of town dwellers and their guests.

The beach is divided to tow parts. One side is intended exclusively for the dwellers of Grand-park «Shikhov». This place is the real paradise for those who like active life-style.  Это место – настоящий рай для любителей активного образа жизни. Sports and Health-improving Com-plex, Fitness Center, scooters’ hire, mooring and maintenance for yachts, as well as a restaurant and cafés are for your service.

To purchase a house near the sea in cottage town Grand-park «Shikhov» means to receive an op-portunity not only to use all creature comforts, but feel that real life is here, not in the stuffy city with its noisy streets and vehicles’ flow. It is specific place for specific people!