About project  

 Grand-part «Shikhov» is a modern cottage town than specifies new standards of elite class. It is intended for closed circle of dwellers with high level of prosperity and even so high requirements to life quality. It is intended for those who got tired with swift rhythm of the metropolis and dreams to own country house.

 Grand-park «Shikhov» is erected taking into account all requirements that are made to elite out-of-town dwelling today. Small town is located in picturesque and ecological region. You acquire completely different life quality here. People around you have similar interests, level, and under-standing of life.

 Dignity of this town is ideal combination of calm (out-of-town) type and urban comfort. To live in country house and have opportunity to reach the center of Baku in few minutes – it is wonderful.

 Four types of houses are built in the cottage town Grand-park «Shikhov». There are three –storey buildings with from 380 up to 500 sq. meters of total area, with adjacent garage per one vehicle. There is also six-storey house, consisting of 7 blocks. Duplex type apartments are located at the last floors. Underground parking is provided for this house that allows avoiding necessity of street parking.

All necessary conditions are created for comfort life in the Grand-park «Shikhov». There are functioning twenty-four-hour communal services. Mow down the lawns, garbage disposal, main-tenance of inside equipment of houses is carried out on regularly basis. Communal services pro-vide regular functioning of all centralized services of cottage town. Qualified personnel opera-tively solve all technical and communal problems of dwellers.

Each house is connected to the newest telecommunication systems.  Own digital ATS, Internet, and space television are installed in the town. Being inside this house of good quality, one can forget that he is not in the city: services of urban level create all condition for comfort living of the civilized person.

Security carries out twenty-four-hour guarding of territory and check point. Everywhere in the town there is video surveillance. Data is read from video chambers and transferred to United Se-curity Center. Such security system completely excludes the presence of undesirable guests and provides dwellers with quiet residence.

Comfortable access roads, guest parking, considered street lightings are settled down in the town. Due to shops in the town, one does not need to go out for a long time to purchase neces-sary products.

Trees and flow beds are situated at the whole territory and along the paths. There are no high fences around the houses, but even barriers of the whole town could not interfere with the junc-tion of this territory with picturesque nature.